making Energy Evaluation easy For Architects

Energy evaluation is an important factor in the design of a building. It affects its energy efficiency, comfort, durability, and sustainability. It’s important however, to optimize the building performance in the early stages of the design, while the project is still flexible. Building design elements, such as orientation, window placement, and shading can be decided based on the results of an energy evaluation.

Additionally, energy evaluation can help architects convince the client about their design. By demonstrating the energy efficiency and sustainability of the work, the architect can show the client the long-term cost savings and environmental benefits that come with the design. 

CADcentre is inviting Andy Thomson, Architect OAA and principal at Thomson Architecture, to discuss the topic of energy evaluation and how you can harness the tools within Archicad. Through his practice at Thomson Architecture, Andy has been applying his expertise in Net Zero, Zero Carbon, Regenerative and Passive House design since 1997.

Learning Objectives:

- Reasons to look closely at energy efficiency early in the design
- How to setup the model for energy evaluation
- Doing an Energy Model Review
- Editing project and comparing results
- Doing thermal bridging studies
- Q&A

Solutions used:  Archicad

This was an online Webinar that was done on March 15th, 2023


About Thomson Architecture

Thomson Architecture in Barrie is an award-winning architectural firm that specializes in the design of commercial, residential, and mixed-use spaces. The firm is known for its creative and innovative design solutions and its commitment to sustainability. The team at Thomson Architecture, Inc. is dedicated to creating spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally efficient, and they are experienced in a variety of architectural styles. The firm also offers a wide range of services, including ecological design, energy modelling, and sub-consulting to other Architects.