The State of Architecture


Look at how architects have shifted their role forward to become involved earlier in projects and what this means for the industry. Moving away from a patronage model - where budget and time constraints come to light after a client purchases a property, architects are moving upstream in the process. See how ARCHICAD helps empower an approach of the architect taking control of bids, land decisions, and even becoming developers in their own right.

Alexander Loyer Hughes, Kurv Architecture, NYC Profile

The personal story of how Alexander Loyer Hughes got his start in the highly competitive NYC architecture market. Hear about how his deep dive into the challenges of building high rises early on provided a foundation for finding properties and developing them himself.


Hear about the dreams and ambitions of one of LA's hottest young architects. Where did architect and firm principal, Anthony Laney get his start? How did he create an architectural practice in an authentic, innovative and successful way? The clip shows Anthony manipulating Archicad and BIMx doing the design and presenting to clients.