The Next Frontier


3D modeling, photo realism, virtual reality - these technologies can propel a firm forward. Firms successfully using ARCHICAD have found a way to harness the power of those technological advances. This episode of ByDesign explores the data-rich nature of 3D design and virtual construction.

Inside the Studio with KA Designworks

Embracing BIM technology led to intense growth for this forward looking firm. Ken Adler inspires the team at KA Studio to make the design process more efficient by being able to respond to changes quickly. This firm relies heavily on VR and works with Twinmotion and ARCHICAD to give clients an interactive experience.


Inside the Studio with Vega Architecture

ARCHICAD is essential to the operation at Vega. Everything they do starts in ARCHICAD - which makes it possible for them to build from the ground up in four weeks' time. ARCHICAD serves to calculate cost and quantities as projects evolve, even as the firm keeps an eye on clarity and accuracy.


Inside the Studio with Riverstone Structural Concepts

Engineers and architects working in the same model? Oh yes. ARCHICAD makes it possible for Patrick Bird and his team at Riverstone Structural Concepts. Sizing beams, creating details, working with the same elements makes things work efficiently and profitably. Why spend two to three days of emails and phone calls working on changes when you can take care of it instantly in the model? Watch and learn how.