The Enhanced Design Workflow



Working Better in BIM

Seminar in Toronto, June 20th, 2:30PM - 4:30PM


With the right solution, switching to BIM should improve the ability of the Architects and Designers to explore their model throughout the design development in search for the ideal project

Having to adopt a separate software, like Sketchup for the conception, then exporting the project to a CAD or BIM software, to develop the design document, can have a disruptive effect on the design.

Join us for this seminar focusing on ARCHICAD, a powerful BIM solution that is optimized for the Architects and Designers. From the first Sketch, into presentation, Design development, and Construction Documents, the workflow progresses seamlessly and all the design phases. within a single software.

What you will learn:

-       Identify the benefits of a BIM-enabled process for Architects and Designers.

-       Demonstrate innovative and powerful ways to present the project

-       Explore, edit, and revise the project during all the phases of the design development.

-       Create a small project on ARCHICAD

-       Real-life example of BIM workflow with Manuel Bicudo, a Toronto-based Architectural Designer.

-       And more!

Attendees will receive a certificate of completion, valid for the OAA Continuing education. (One hour of classroom time equates to one OAA continuing education learning hour.)

Toronto, May 16th
5:00PM - 7:00PM
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Additional Information:

  • Presenter: Camille Chami, Principal at CadCentre
  • Attendance is free. Coffee and muffins will be served!

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