Commercial License

Commercial versions are licensed using CodeMeter hardware or software protection.

Types of commercial licenses

Full license

With a Full license you can use the fully functional GRAPHISOFT product with unlimited usage. You will be able to run older versions as well.

Solo license

Solo licenses for Solo ARCHICAD versions are available in Canada. Solo version has the exact same functionality as the Full version except it doesn’t include TeamWork, Cinema 4D rendering engine and Hotlink/X-ref capabilities.

Rental license

With the rental option you can buy a license for a certain time period (1, 3, 6 months). Within the purchased time period you can use ARCHICAD without any limitation e.g. running multiple sessions all day. The usage of this starts when you first start ARCHICAD using a rental license – so not on the day when you purchase it. When starting up ARCHICAD you will be prompted with a dialog stating the remaining days of your license availability. You can also check the remaining days in Help menu/License information.

If you want to know more about which verson is good for you, do not hesitate to contact us.

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